"Brothers and sisters, the long voyage ends at long last! Gaze upon the coast we've sought for so long, is it not dreamful? There is no balm to hear our scarred hearts, and I know that my kin. But let this discovery be a new start for our strained civilization! Let it be the crib of our prosperity!" -- Speech of High Archon Asgalor, upon reaching the shores of Antamia.

The Varyan Coalition is one of the major powers of Aethris, stretching from the far northern reaches of Jormungandr till the mountains of Khåmdir. As the name suggests, the Coalition is made out of several nations united beneath the same banner of order and progress even though all of its members have their own law codices and currency (However, all members of the Coalition are required to follow an Universal law code as well as pay a yearly tithe).


Being a coalition, each member of the federation is autonomous: most of them, however, follows the Varyan Nations template: a Consul leading a region, who responds to a governor. The Consul himself is often assisted by Aides, chosen by the Consul himself. Each nation is represented during the Coalition Council by Archons, ambassadors that express their country's desires and wishes. The charge lasts for five years, even though re-elections are possible and it is possible to be both a governor and an Archon as long as the citizens elect said governor.

The supreme figurehead is, however, the High Archon. The High Archon is elected among the Archons and holds an immense power: he can, in fact, modify law (as long as at least sixty percent of the Archons agree), declare war and impose tithes. In addition to its civil role, the High Archon is also the highest military authority of the Coalition.

This implies, that Varyan bureaucracy is long and painfully complex and if it weren't for the independence retained by its members, it is safe to claim that civilization would end in a couple of months.