The Holy Kingdom of Rigstad is one of the greatest factions on Valaer, and as such contested the power of Senate of Marathous ever since its inception. Kingdom was founded by King Rigwal I, when he built the fabled city of Rigstad. The Kingdom stretches from Highpass of Vegord in the north to Lanathos in the south. The Kingdom had stood as a bulwark against all perils endangering the people of Valaer, be it an invasion of the accursed Serpents or a massive famine that risked majority of the smallfolk to starve. However, the Kingdom was destroyed in the Second Leviathan War, when the hammer of the Great Devourer fell upon Rigstad and broke the realm. After chaos had settled, the Capital was restored by combined efforts of the previous monarch, Aedan I Rigwal, and Varyan Expedition. Following the restoration of the kingdom, it joined Coalition of Varya and took upon a cultural and religious change.


The government of Rigstad is a theocratic constitutional monarchy, and as such lacks power over all the realm. The King rules beside the Parliament of Rigstad, a council shared by the Nobles and the smallfolk alike, along with the Highpriest of the Phoenix. Parliament possesses legislative and executionary powers, though these are shared with the King aswell, who serves as the Head of State in the Parliament. The post of the Head of the Parliament is second in rank to the King, and chooses his cabinet of ministers from members of the parliament.


The Holy Kingdom of Rigstad is divided into five provinces, each one governed by a Duke.

Province of Rigstad: Capital Province, Rigstad houses one fifth of the population of the nation and majority of economical power. The Duke of Rigstad is de facto King of Rigstad, though titles are not linked together.

Province of Arastad: Industrial and military powerhouse of the Kingdom, Arastad is second most populous province. The Duke of Arastad is Loghain Dunward, being granted the fiefdom in recent past by King Aodhan.

Province of Berathos: Berathos was the most ancient of the inhabited cities in the Kingdom, prior to its evacuation after the Battle of the Fangs. The City and province is infested with spirits, population displaced and spread throughout the Kingdom.

Province of Vegord: Vegord Pass in the northernmost point of the Kingdom, guarding the border against a constant threat of tribal raiders.