Cult of the Nether is an ancient society of mages, usually the illegal ones, that resides in Valaer. Their purpose is to transform the entire world into a Magi Nation, though their methods for such a New World Order have changed over time. The Cult has been systematically purged and drawn underground several times, only to rise again under a different name. The current reincarnation is lead by Netherborne Andrea, who rules the Rekindling Initiative behind the shadows through her pawn, Ethan Stonefist.


Black Senate

Black Senate was the first attempt of the Cult to usurp rule over the continent from the Pure Elven Overlords at the time, hoping to enslave all non-magicians and allow Mages to reign surpreme. This endavour ended in disaster when Senatial forces burnt their city to the ground and destroyed the Black Senate, erasing all traces of the faction save for their name. Even that was given to them by the Elves.

Necromancer Incursion

Cult of the Nether rose a second time when they assassinated the Emperor of Arawell, ending the dynasty by the murder of Child Monarch. The chaos created from the rising breakdown of the Empire. The Cult funneled in resources to an ambitious coven of Necromancers, calling themselves Scions of Death, and allowed them to reap the continent of those who they deemed weak, essentially purging non-mages. This backfired when mage populace was decimated after the Incursion by the Order of Sentinels.

Cult of the Nether

The incarnation that granted the organization its name, Cult of the Nether dabbled in occult like none other, focusing on creating a conduit that would act as their super weapon. Their experiments were ended when two of their prisoners, both talented mages, burned down their hideout and butchered all the members. However, the seed of their work had already been sown, and Netherborne Twins were created.

Council of the Ancients

Andrea, one of the Netherborne Twins, ended up rebirthing the cult after finding its ruins with her companion Ethan Stonefist. They then proceeded to rally great sorcerers to their side, achieving political power through bribing powerful individuals in Valaer and placing their own people where they couldn't. They amassed a wealth, which they used to help strengthen the Cult of Sevas, eventually leading to the creation of the Gap. Their plan for a Mage World was not a purge, however, but creating new mages. Due to influx of energies from the Gap, many magicians rose and formed their own societies throughout the world.

Rekindling Initiative, an organization founded by Ethan under Andrea's orders, has gathered many of the mage cults through fear propaganda and promise of power. It acts as a democractic magocracy, with each of the representatives of individual Mage Circles having a say in the actions, though most of them align with Ethan's, and therefore Andrea's, wishes. They currently have retreated from Berathous, marshalling their forces and gathering mages from around the world in a secret hideout.