The Berathous Incursion was an important clash, between the forces of the Heralds of End Times, the Cult of Nether and the Verer'alshari. It ended in a pyrrhic victory for the combined forces of the Cult and the Eldritch Sword.


Before the assembly at the magical town of Berathous, the forces of Malphorious planned a careful attack , who wanted to decimate the magicians through an ambush. The Eldritch Sword found out the scheming following the Siege of Fort Northinbras. Agent Amarthas was dispatched to infiltrate the meeting, gather intelligence and eventually evacuate the mage. But when the Heralds appeared, the Cult refused to retreat and the fighting began.


The fighting went on until dawn - where the forces of the Heralds of End Times finally retreated. The united mages refused to leave the town despite Amarthas announced them of Malphorious' intention, and prepared to face the Taskforce - that warped from thin air via teleportation. The animated armors were led by an Absolution Ark of the Heralds, an arcane contraption that functioned as mobile command center for the enthralled Spirits. The Cult's leaders welcomed them in flashing blasts and display of powers long thought lost - an union that initially scattered the incursion.

The presence of the Absolution Ark, however, made it much harder for the mages to rely on spells, due to its presence that dampened the use of magic.